Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Alyssa Funke RIP

TOM has a post on this, the darker side of pornography…

Madyson Marquette, whose porn film name was Fayth Deluca, told LifeSiteNews that "after shooting porn, it seemed as if all the girls were depressed, including myself. We would shoot a scene and immediately after we would go do something to where we wouldn't have to think about what we had just done, whether that was getting so drunk we just blacked out, some type of drug like Xanax, cocaine, or ecstasy."

alyssa-funkee 0 g-map-us-copy8 alyssa-funke AlyssaFunke Image-13429 belle-knoxI hope that Miriam does not get a hashtag like this…
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Update: TOM: Porn, Shame, Suicide


  1. I can believe it.

    Nothing is as empty as porn

  2. Mentally unstable girl commits mentally unstable act with a shotgun: porn is blamed.

    Mentally unstable guy commits mentally unstable act with knives and handguns: the guy is blamed.

    1. Well the guns are blamed too. They always blame the guns in that context.


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