Monday, March 3, 2014

On Putin and Ukraine: Palin was right and Obama and his media supporters were wrong...

Being part of the Lamestream Media is never saying you are sorry...
TOM : Our worthless media
Meanwhile Obama predicts "fallout" to Israel if nuke talks with Iran fail...

Drew makes a point (one that Icepick makes in comments).  I do not disagree (in the sense that we are not going to get into a war over Soviet...I mean Russian intervention over countries like Ukraine and Georgia.  But to suggest this foreign policy of Barack Obama and John Kerry has been anything but incompetent has not been paying attention.  Then again, maybe Putin should be concerned with what he is wishing for: Will Crimea be Putin's Waterloo?

John Podhoretz: Obama on Israel and Iran (Obama likes Israel about as much as Bill De Blasio likes Charter Schools).
Protein Wisdom: Palin predicted it...
Is Putin over reaching with this?

Zbigniew Brzezinski says a response is needed: How about not voting for weak Presidents like Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter?  


  1. Funny how all the "smart" people are so often wrong anymore; the economy, health care, foreign policy...

    PS Keep in mind regarding Georgia, Poot waited until Dubya et al. were occupied by a market crash, not to mention having been slimed by a duplicitous media.

    PPS Maybe some of it will fallout on him.

    What's our pre-occupation now?

  2. I will give Sarah Palin credit for apparently cleaning up and booting the bad help in her public relations efforts. None of the fantasy crap these television and media types advised her to do helped her one fact they made her a mockery, which I suspect was the intent all along.

    Clear away the clutter of her stupid and duplicitous publicity early on...and yes, she was right about a lot of things, most things in fact. She's far more likable, and believable, just being herself and not some caricature of "Alaska Barbie."


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