Friday, February 14, 2014

Separated at Birth: Heinz 57 Varieties and...?

At least 50 somthing gender choices on Facebook!
57 Varieties of Heinz and...

I could care less what you call yourself on Facebook.  But this rash of people wanting to change their genders (hormonally and surgically change their genitalia) is more about mental illness than medical conditions regarding gender. And studies have shown, person who do this transformation are generally not happier after it is done.

You are free to transform yourself into anything you want. And you are a H8ey H8er if you complain. Oh by the way, the tax payers have to fund and pay for all this transformational surgery.


  1. Heterosexual males are becoming a rare thing. Society is raising a generation of wimps and complainers and then when they actually need men to go and save them from something, there won't be anyone besides the gender confused (above list) who will immediately surrender.

  2. So are we converting to a nation of cheese eating surrender monkeys?


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