Thursday, January 2, 2014

Green Bay still hasn't sold out its Wild Card game? Update: Disaster averted--Lambeau sold out for Wild Card game!

Could it be the NFL has gouged its fans just a wee bit too much?
Green Bay, as of Wednesday morning, was about 8,500 tickets short of a sellout, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Tom Silverstein. If the Packers don't sell out by 3:40 p.m. Thursday, the game will be blacked out on local TV from Green Bay to Milwaukee. That's almost inconceivable. The Press-Gazette said the Packers have sold out every regular-season game since 1959 (a playoff game in January of 1983, at the end of the strike-shortened season, did not). And yet they are having troubles selling out a playoff game a week after Aaron Rodgers returned from injury to beat the Bears for the NFC North title.

Lem has a post on this (thanks for the link too)

There is danger from exposure at Lambeau Field
Some brave souls step it up for their team!


  1. The ghost of Vince Lombardi showed up on Christmas Eve. He was wearing red and gold...

    1. This is your chance to drop a few thousand to see the 49ers in subzero temperatures!

    2. Of course, not too much different than Candlestick Park in the summer.

    3. I hope they don't cancel the game. Real men play in weather like this. Of course, real men like me who don't get paid that much will stay home and watch it on TV!

      "like Candlestick in the summer" Heh. Wasn't it Twain who said the coldest winter I ever knew was SF in the summer."?

    4. I knew you would get that reference!

  2. The commish at the time said the NFL had reached parity. I forget who replied, "No, mediocrity".


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