Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gun control doesn't stop violent attacks...

Don't count on any objectiveness or honesty from the left: As Smitty notes it's Tribal Culture; Instapundit notes it too
Smitty: The Brits like their tea just so

President Obama gives himself an A+ for 2014

Lena "Liar" Dunham

#GamerGate is like herpes...

Rule 5 and FMJRA Instapundit: The Wacky World of Brianna Wu (She used to be a man)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A dirty penguin joke (NSFW)

Slavery in the World 2014

Help Mandy Nagy

The patriarchy made her do it: Episcopal Bishop Heather Cook and her hit and run Subaru

Feminists vs. ISIS Rule 5 (not completely safe for work)

TOM: How to win wars and Miriam Mogilevsky lectures will drive ISIS to madness (if only we could find an effective delivery system)…

Oh wait, feminists who converted to Islam?
Hirsi Ali takes on feminists' "trivial BS"
Feminists ignore the real root of misogyny and why Feminists will not take on Islam
Feminists have no time to take on ISIS sex slavery

Ok, this is now just a gratuitous and shameless Rule 5 post…

Xena was a big favorite with which demographic group?  

"Fantasy photography" is an apt description…


Smitty: I am not sure a Constitutional Convention (if it happened) would be a good thing.
Smitty: But we can always have legions of Cuban doctors.  
Instapundit: Lessons from Lincoln on defeating Islamic terror

Monday, December 29, 2014

Connect the Dots…

TOM: Feminism: Equality in Misery (Both Smitty and Instapundit note how the feminists and the left worked so hard to destroy Sarah Palin…why is that?)
TOM: Love is Always an Exception (Instapundit addresses the issue too)
TOM: Operation Stalk My Girfriend (Instapundit notes the NSA news dump and their abuse of power)
TOM: Learning how to use tools yet young people don't know how to use tools (h/t BenK at AoSHQ for that one)

AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Update: Wreckage Found

Heavy has more information.
Instapundit: CNN looks to pump up its ratings…
Wombat: The search expands and AirAsia CEO in spot light
WaPo: Wreckage Found

Twitchy has more
What the wreckage means...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The most over-hyped story of 2014

Dude, coming out as gay in 2014 is not that big a deal. Given the NFL has had dog killers and wife beaters, do you really think every team in the NFL would shun you for being gay if you could play?  

The NFL is certainly not perfect, but it does tend to be a meritocracy when it comes to football. What matters is you can perform on the field. Tony Dungy got dogged for saying he would not have drafted Sam but given how this has played out in the media is Dungy wrong?  It is not about Sam being gay, it is the over the top reaction of the media to Sam being gay.  And Sam has absolutely played that up (as a means of self promotion).  I am sure that there is some shade for being gay (I am not saying there is no prejudice out there in the world, there obviously is) but spare us the sob story of why you got cut from the Rams and Cowboys. The truth is he would not have gotten the shots he has gotten, but for being gay.     

RRG's 75th Annual Lefty Awards (so many to choose from)
TOM: Dave Barry Rocks (2014 in review)

Short Disturbing Film Self Assembly by Ray Sullivan

I found this short film on Little Green Footballs.  Why I went there tonight I cannot explain (it has been a very long time since I've been there), but after Chunkie Boo Boo's chiding post to the NYPD for turning their backs on DeBlasio, general ravings against the Tea Party, and other typical Charles Johnson nonsense, this film sums up the LGF experience so well.  

Warning: This is a disturbing film.

The other Chuck Johnson is driving Chunky Boo Boo apoplectic!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Turning Japanese?

Rams v. Seahawks Week 17, Rule 5 with bonus Marshawn Lynch

The Rams and Hawks got Christmas off, but given this game is for home team advantage, it is an important one for the Hawks.  The Rams are not going to lay down and will be sure to play spoilers if they can.  

Don't underestimate the Rams, they have talent!

The Rams probably won't lay down…

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Proof has some vintage Christmas Ladies!

Hawks win (although the score does not reflect how close that game really was)
Proof's 49ers won too.  Notes that Harbaugh may be parting ways and Michigan paper makes a booboo
Wombat : Packers beat Detroit
The Playoff Picture now:

RIP NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos

Furries want recognition too Rule 5!

Instapundit : Community Recognition! Hard to take them seriously though...

(unless you really want to)

 Old School Furbies (from the 80s)

This is more ComicCon

Steampunk is a cool community!

If you wake up next to this Alice, you might not be in wonderland...
Palate cleanser after Alice above...

Instapundit : Moe Lane on Naomi Klein's attempt to be like Susan Sontag
EBL: Blame Bugs Bunny for all this deviancy

TOM: Your future (or lack thereof)