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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Women with Fish Rule 5

Wombat inspired this post with this link on actors supporting sustainable fishing practices. While I am a fishercow who often keeps the catch, I support sustainable fishing too. So, never letting a Rule 5 opportunity go to waste:

Ace has a post on the "cult of fish"?

Dead eels are sensual. People are sensuous.

She knows how to handle a trophy steelhead...

Rod tips up!

Wombat's Quiet Splendor
EBL: Fish song


  1. I'll take your word that there were fish in those pictures...

  2. Well, if the fish was all they were wearing...

  3. Now I've got a craving for a fish taco.

  4. You guys realize that the over-arching joke is there for all to see right? RITE?!?!!?!

  5. Is the woman in the white bikini Tomi Lahren?


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