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Friday, December 20, 2013

Turns out A&E may need Duck Dynasty more than Duck Dynasty needs A&E...

This article is spot on regarding the entertainment business and the motivations of many in "reality television."  This is nothing new.

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The Beverly Hillbillies

CBS, in response to it being described as the "Country Broadcast System" over reacted by conducting a "rural purge" in the early 70s.  This is just a new twist on that.
Petticoat Junction: Bobbie Jo, Betty Jo and Billie Jo
Phil Robertson should tell A&E to go duck themselves.  What he said was his opinion, and definitely not hate.  A&E should cut them loose and see what happens. Maybe Morrissey will come do a reality show with A&E on hunting for his sexual orientation.  Maybe they can get George Takei in on it too (I like George, I just threw that out there because he recently commented).

And since it is the holidays and I am a giver: Bonus Rule 5
Ellie Mae Clamped

Duck Dynasty Diva Darlings!

Meredith MacRae (Billy Jo 1966-70)

Eva Gabor on Green Acres

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Camille Paglia defense free speech (it is the gay mafia being fascist)
TOM:  Piers Morgan will be a queer duck to show what a H8er Duck Dynasty are... (okay I am paraphrasing...)

Wombat: Sarah Palin rocks camo...
TOM:  MSNBC's Chris Hayes talks about going down the chimney (NSFW or kids)
Cracker Barrel had its "Phil" and pulls Duck Dynasty merchandise?  They can get ducked too.  

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