Saturday, November 23, 2013

Spatchcock that Turkey! Then smoke it on the barbeque. And with bonus Thanksgiving Vintage Rule 5

Splatchcock it!
Dust Bunny Queen has a recipe for brine-ing and smoking.
DBQ's recipe will work well with a splatchcocked turkey.

Splatchcocking works for any sort of poultry.  You can put it on any sort of BBQ and add hickory or other hardwood chips for smoking.  It cooks much faster, there is less danger of over cooking parts and under cooking others, and you end up with a moist tasty bird.

Update: 10 alternative ways to cook your turkey...

If your turkey looks like this on the BBQ you are doing it wrong!  
And in follow up to last years vintage Hollywood Thanksgiving Rule 5, I have this years submissions:


Is that bird ready yet?

Who is going to get the wish bone?


  1. To paraphrase Milt Kamen, I had no idea Marilyn Monroe did so much for our country.

  2. I particularly like the photo of Marlo and her husband Phil Donahue.

    1. It is good I was not drinking when I read that! I would have been blowing it out of my nose.

  3. Do you have a wine recommendation to go with?

    1. I could think of a few that might have a whine...

    2. Now for me, I would go with a riesling to hold up against the smoked turkey.


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