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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oprah: Racists have to die for racism to end...


  1. Oprah apparently believes that most of Obama's detractors are racist. However, she is now conflating those who thought race was irrelevant with those who thought race was a factor. Those who thought race was irrelevant are the majority. Those who thought race was important are either pro- or anti-Obama for race reasons; they are both racists. Because Oprah believed, in 2008, that it was important to elect an African-American to the presidency, she cannot stand the majority who think it should be irrelevant. That is why she is lashing out now. The poor poor rich woman.

    Thanks for posting this EBL...my "snarchipelago" of other blogs I visit apparently didn't touch it.

  2. She's about to endorse the knockout game...


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