Friday, November 15, 2013

Lara Logan Rule 5

It is unfortunate about Lara Logan's source going south in the Benghazi story because the underlying story itself, about Americans being left to die there (probably through incompetence and poor leadership by the President, Secretary Clinton and other high officials) is correct.  It is likely the outcome of that event could have been altered.  But this mess up by Sixty Minutes ends up giving cover to those who are responsible.

More from Lee Stranahan

As Wombat linked: Benghazi attackers knew where Consulate safe room was...

But Lara Logan is definitely Rule 5 worthy:

Rule 5 Veterans Day Special Edition

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  1. One presumes Black Rock, knowing full well the hole in the story doesn't negate the story, did that in case the Messiah is magically resurrected.

    (which don't seem likely)


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