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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How did the pilgrims really dress and talk?

Contrary to stereotypes, they did not wear all black:

The pilgrim ladies probably did not dress like this...
Once you start dressing like a pilgrim, you can start talking like one too:
"Good Morrow" "How Do You Fare, Goodwife?"
Now, unfortunately, it is unclear if the pilgrims had any beer or wine for the first Thanksgiving. But nevertheless, it is important to drink like a pilgrim on Thanksgiving anyway.  Even though most modern ales, beers and wines were not around during the early 17th century, you can freely substitute!  

These are not authentic Pilgrim and Native American costumes below, but are presented merely for educational purposes of how not to dress like a pilgrim (unless you want to):
Pilgrims did not dress like french hotel maids!  And after a winter of starvation, they had no problems eating turkeys.

If this was Squanto's sister, you can guess the Pilgrim guys would have asked to be introduced...


  1. What is it with Americans and cleanliness? We never see photos of pilgrims or Indians or cowboys or anyone who is dirty. When you look at photos of real people from only one century ago, they were dirty. Filthy, usually, because of hard labor and owing only one dress ore one suit of clothes. Had there been photographs of pilgrims, they no doubt would have been filthy, toothless and covered with shit. And not waxed.

    1. And hardly ever bathing or showering (although cowboys would usually do so when they finally hit a cattle town).

  2. You figure once the originals wore out, they had to make do with whatever cloth and the available dyes.

  3. They had the skills to make their own fabric and clothing (there were tailors, fabric makers and wool craftsmen in their company), but it probably took them a while before they started doing so. They had no cotton and wool at first (they may have brought fabric with them). I do not know if they wore buckskin. They probably relied on imports of fabric from England initially.

    I am sure they made do. That first winter was especially bad for them (they lost half their population). After that, fashion is probably the least of your concern.

  4. Aye, that first winter was a baddun, but good thing Global Warming hadn't arrived yet, what with the freezing temperatures and snow fall early this year, Hargh!.

  5. Those are some nice squaws there at the end.


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