Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Courtney Stoden: True Feminist Updated with Bonus Separated at Birth

Rule 5 Palate Cleanser

Bonus: Separated at Birth (or at least plastic surgery for one of them)

Which one is Ms. Ocean Shores, Washington? 


  1. Is there anything remaining on that skank that is real? Compare her youthful beauty, before the 6 minutes of fame, to her now. Gag a maggot ugly. Why do women do this to themselves?

  2. I'm surprised that EBL hasn't done a rule 5 on her yet.

  3. Replies
    1. And after she went under the knife it went down hill fast. Why youth struggle so hard to ruin their looks is beyond my ken.

  4. Lets be honest, most guys given the chance would hit it. That said, other than the things the average superficial male likes in a woman, (she has it) what the hell would any middle aged man have in common with her?

    1. Not with a rented pecker. She butchers her face with cum traps so I suspect she's let everyone in her veejayjay and I've never been one to look to fuck the whole neighborhood.

      What you think an average male thinks says more about you than men. You don't have it, and neither does the plastic Barbie. It's that diving for the raggedy $20 bill being towed past your house that gives you away, ya know?

  5. Testing 1,2,3 ... oh, screw it Anonydudette don't need to count past 20

  6. Those fake women all look alike.


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