Saturday, October 26, 2013

The face that launched (maybe) a few thousand crappy Obamacare insurance policies in the whole country... Update: Only six people signed up to Obamacare the first day!

Who is she?"Mona Lisa of health care."

"Adriana, I love you. Please let me in."
Only six people managed to sign up for Obamacare the first day!
The real person reveals herself (and she was subject to cyber bullies)
Obamagirl not a citizen, has not signed up, and was not paid for her image...
Halloween is just around the corner...

More Americans had their insurance cancelled in 3 states under Obamacare than how many signed up in all 50 states!  The White House is really making Halloween scary, isn't it?
The Healthcare Mash!

SNL mocking the Obamacare website launch:

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  1. And the Hispanic site has a couple of Oriental women on it.


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