Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shocking Study: People tend to focus on a woman's breasts...

Really is that true?

Ellen! Control yourself!

They start young...

They start way young...
They never really lose the urge...

Robin Williams can't help starring at his own breasts!

Hillary! Eyes up!

Rule 5 Maximum Acceleration
It is not just humans...

Ranking the top actresses who have gone topless in a movie...


  1. Glad you were able to get that off your chest!

  2. eyes up here pervert! not on my exposed cleavage

    1. You laugh? That actually happened to me at a small party long ago. My roommate at the time was dating a health club model with an astounding body ... who took great delight in stepping close to you when in conversation, then gently guiding your chin upwards with her finger until you saw her smirk and twinkle in her eyes. Sometimes she'd say: "My eyes are up here."

  3. The caption to the last one is, "Huma, Huma, Huma, threesome!!!!"


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