Friday, September 6, 2013

Obama practices for Syria: The Assault on Chicken, Alaska


  1. It's these little toy cops that get people killed.

  2. One of the most amusing things about these Rambo copper outfits is that they carry assault rifles with flash suppressors but have bright flashlights attached to the barrels. Hello? If I am your opposition I will target your dumb ass flashlight and be within fractions of inches of your skull...idiots. Television and Hollywood really has set the new standards I guess. Go get'em tiger...roufff! ... your enemy loves it when they can see you coming.

    1. You know a flash supressor is to keep from blinding you not hide the flash from your enemy although it does reduce it.

    2. Anon ... flash is flash, and after firing somewhere near 50,000+ rounds through rifles with and without flash suppressors, not to mention an equal number through pistols, and more through shotguns, I can advise you that the shooter is in no danger of flash effects. I question you expertise on the subject, if you will.

      Further, you do NOT address the main point...that a flashlight aimed at the opposition is an aiming aide to that opposition. Man, when in the dark with the potential to come under fire, one does not even light a frigging cigarette. Except in the movies, of course.

  3. Well spoken, Ari.

    Or written. Or whatever.

    Chicken Alaska? No shit? I saw the headline but didn't read the story yesterday. Chicken was where the book Tisha took place.


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