Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Community Organizers for the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda...


  1. This is a lose-lose that makes 'Nam look good. And, yeah, the Catholics in North Vietnam thought they'd be safe in the South, too.

    Now, Choom is telling the world press, "I didn’t set a red line … My credibility is not on the line".

    Looks like Lurch didn't make the sale.

  2. I find it morbidly amusing that Bam Bam is now saying he didn't call anything a "red line" all the while knowing full well he is on tape doing just that...and referencing equations and calculus, subjects I'd be he never took or passed.

    When I've cited the lies and lying that drove me from the Army, from DoD and federal service, it is precisely this type of prevarication that did me in. Very senior people say X one day and then say Y the next day and looking you dead in the eye swear they never said X, ever...and they demand that you affirm it back to them. It. Is. Unbelievable. Except that it is...the way it is...

  3. The article you linked by Georgi Ivanov at PolcyMic vis a vis the potential fall of Assad is well worth the reading. Realism is a bitch.


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