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Friday, August 23, 2013

Why isn't the media freaking out about these racially motivated crimes?

Australian teen Chris Lane killed in Oklahoma by black kids in a gang initiation?  

Why does this happen?  Listen to the video link.  No male figures in their lives...

Update: Legal Insurrection: Time for a different debate...

89 year old WWII Veteran Delbert Benton killed by black youth in Spokane, WA...
Update:  Delbert Benton survived being wounded at Okinawa, only to be killed in Spokane...

Why no media outrage over this?  Meanwhile we have liberal (oh by the way a Democrat and Barack Obama volunteer) douchenozzels stirring the pot and making crap up to cause faux outrage.  And they get a pass by the lamestream media.

Update: Oprah says you are all racists...

TOM: Oberlin College student Dylan Bleier, a disgusting criminal liar who should be horsewhipped.  
And Juan Williams and Jesse Jackson, spare us okay?  I get there is a bigger problem, but let's focus on that bigger problem and not inflame racial tensions when it is not really the cause. No word from the White House yet, maybe Obama's son would be more like this?

Update:  Recent Hate Crime Hoaxes...


  1. As I've so often said, to ask the question is to answer it.

    This is just the Lefty rot finally breaking through to the surface, like the Filner deal.

  2. Wait - I thought it was wrong to freak out over crimes?

    Didn't every black person in the country just get told that?

    I was told I couldn't even consider myself black as long as George Zimmerman was innocent - do you get THAT from your "friends"?

    You guys are letting DRUDGE use you as chumps,...

    1. How many incidents of the knockout game have we heard about?

      We're not talking isolated here.

    2. It's wrong to freak out over a case where you've got the basic facts totally wrong. That oughta be the lesson of the Zimmerman case, not "don't talk about black-on-white crime".

      Case in point, lots of people are still saying that Oz ballplayer was killed by three black kids, when in fact the driver of the car appears to be a white thug. Facts, people. They're out there...get 'em and use 'em.

      As for DRUDGE, there's always the question of whether he's playing his readers or laying out a story the MSM won't tell. It would be kind of important to know if all the fucking lies fed to the public about the Zimmerman case had prompted a wave of "Justice for Trayvon" killings. DRUDGE is making a case by implication. Who's digging up the facts? Anyone at all?

      One thing I'm certain of is this: if two white teens had beaten a surviving Tuskegee Airman to death, our illustrious genius president would be giving a speech from the fuckin' parking lot where it happened.

    3. My point is Zimmerman-Martin, this shooting in OK, and this beating in WA are way too nuanced and fact specific to be classified as race motivated. But the pot stirring only seems to get going when the media and the Democrats see an opportunity to pursue an agenda.


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