Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fort Hood Murderer Nidal Hassan is not crazy or insane, he is a follower of an evil belief system...

Which makes him evil too.
He knows right from wrong.  He thinks he is doing right.  As delusional and crazy as that sounds, he did this deliberately for a purpose.  As an act of a traitor.  It is what his twisted sick faith calls him to do.  That does not apply to all Muslims, but it applies to a significant minority of them.  And the sooner we recognize that the better.  

And Hassan should get the death penalty.  The sooner we send him on his way the better.  

Mark Steyn: Hassan is honest about what he is about, why aren't we? 
Robert Bale: Gets life without possibility of parole...


  1. When an assassin attempting to kill FDR missed and killed the Mayor of Chicago Anton Cermak instead he was tried and executed in a little over 30 days. Now we have "progressed" to the point in our society that we are so solicitous of our enemies that we cannot bring ourselves to kill an obviously guilty religious terrorist fanatic (and traitor to boot) without years of hand-wringing over his "rights." It's three PC years, eight months and counting..

    Sickening. As a nation we have lost our sense of nerve and confidence in who we are..Multi-culti PC is LITERALLY the death or us--or at least of 14 in this case..

    1. It is not just the passage of time, but the ridiculous PC nonsense and language used by the Administration in dealing with this savagery. We should call it what it is.

  2. OK, since he knows what he's doing, let's hang him.


    And with an incompetent hangman.

  3. Don't forget, it is 3 years of hand-wringing with full pay.

    The DOJ can get a videographer back in jail for parole violation in 16 days. The State of Florida can prosecute a murder within 18 months, and after being found not guilty for using self-defense, the DOJ will still not return the innocent man's gun. Yet go to an US Army base kill 13 people and injure 30 more; the US government will make sure your paycheck keeps coming.

  4. My idea of ideal justice for Hasan would be if he was lead in to the court room and seated like every other day of his trial. At that point, everyone else gets up and leaves, at the same time a gun man enters from the Judge's chambers and begins spraying .30 caliber rounds all over the court room, getting closer and closer to Hasan. Hasan runs, jumps over seats, but is cut down by 8 shots before he can reach the door. He is still alive, barely breathing, and the gunman walks up to him, smiles, and steps firmly on his throat for a bit...then puts one more round between Hasan's eyes.

    Or, just string him up from the nearest tree, no gallows, just a long rope to yank him in to the air by his neck until dead.

  5. Use a strip of pigskin.


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