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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Will White Hispanics riot if George Zimmerman is found guilty?

Lee Stranahan: TrayvonGate
Protein Wisdom: George Zimmerman as Alfred Dreyfus?
Legal Insurrection: Zimmerman Trial Day 13... (State's closing arguments)

Instapundit: Justice in America?
Police prepare with horses, barricades, etc.  
Legal Insurrection: State tries to get Zimmerman on child abuse (after closing?)
Legal Insurrection: 3rd degree murder/child abuse not in play...
Legal Insurrection: Jury Instructions...
Legal Insurrection: Watch State's closing argument...
Talk Left: Good to see someone from the Left understand what a travesty this trial is...
Legal Insurrection: State's closing argument (expert analysis by Andrew Branca)
Last week's Wombat's Independence Day Rule 5
Jessica Alba Rule 5
Jessica Alba is no dummy...
Legal Insurrection:  Zimmerman Defense closing arguments (live)
Why these prosecutors should be disbarred...


  1. Well, Emilio maybe; you know how Ramon, uh..., Marty is about causes.

    PS Ev, I like the way you highlight related pieces.

  2. I don't know that the bottom three qualify as White Hispanics or not. I'd drop them and replace with Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, & Javier Bardem.

  3. Zeta Jones is welsh I thought. Hmmm, I guess heritage is as superfluous as sexual orientation now too?


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