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Friday, July 26, 2013

Why does Huma Abedin put up with Anthony Weiner's behavior? It pays to be a "good" wife. About $490,000 a year...

What is wrong with Huma?  What is wrong with us tolerating this?
This is way more offensive than her husband tweeting shots of his junk:
On June 13, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote her and Secretary of State John Kerry asking why Abedin, the deputy chief of staff at the State Department under former Secretary Hillary Clinton, was granted status as a "special government employee" after the birth of her son. 
That  title allowed her to work from home as a part-time consultant to State, earning $135,000 as a government employee -- while also earning  $355,000 as a consultant for Teneo, where former President Bill Clinton is a board member.
A little shady? Being married to Anthony Weiner may not be all that bad after all.  But that this is even allowed is outrageous and indicative of how corrupt the Clintons and Democrats can be.  

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  1. Those salaries are obscene. Sooner or later, the rank and file Democrats will catch on.

  2. So, Huma Abedin is a part-time consultant for the State, earning $135,000 as a government employee allowed to work from home.
    What exactly are her duties as a part-time consultant earning more money than most full-time middle managers of for-profit corporations?

    Can you say "Sinecure"?

    No wonder she's decided to publically "stand by her man."
    With a deal like that, she'd likely stand by Peewee Herman after his theater debacle.

  3. She Hillary!'s protege.

    What did you expect?

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