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Monday, July 15, 2013

Prosecutors and Judges out of Control? Issues raised by the Zimmerman Trial...

h/t Instapundit here and here.  And Glenn Reynold's own commentary here.

Legal Insurrection: What this verdict means...

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The Downfall of Angela Corey...
Will Eric Holder pursue civil rights violations against George Zimmerman?  My guess they will pretend to investigate and stall given the earlier FBI reporting finding no racial animus.

TOM has a different angle: Did Miami Dade County Schools fail Trayvon Martin by not arresting him?
Nancy Grace:  Out of control as usual and never saw a prosecution she didn't love...
Legal Insurrection:  #Occupy now wants justice for Trayvon...  Strange that Ocuppy is promoting stronger prosecution powers?  Do you think that might result in more young black men going to prison?
Nagel Blog: Justice and the law do not mix...
Instapundit: The Zimmerman case not really about stand your ground or race...
Legal Insurrection: 5 of the 6 jurors thought Zimmerman was screaming for help on the 911 call.  The 6th was not sure.  
Aaron Walker:  Some really interesting stuff he found, including the possibility that if the Martins sue Zimmerman, Zimmerman can recover attorney fees and costs from them...


  1. Interesting so many were so wrong about those women.

    Also interesting the communities weren't as organized as the community organizers wanted them to be.

    Looks like no "Dancin' In The Streets", after all. The summer may be long and hot, but only the weather.

    Maybe some people are wising up.

  2. only read comments on the puckered A blogJuly 15, 2013 at 11:32 AM

    Would you take money from Meade and shut off anonymous comments, beautiful brown cow lady? If no, you will continue to receive my traffic.

    1. I understand your sentiment, however, it never hurts to let public speakers back up their mouths. Especially when they're provocative and post their contribution amount. Whoop de doo. Not impressive. Even a little, a bit odd actually.

      I used to contribute to Althouse, without fanfare, and already have to Lem, and would be happy do so here if enabled ... since it seems EBL has had less traffic than she deserves. I say that as someone who disagrees half the time perhaps...that is not the point. I know I've not been here often enough and whether I come of not is not dependent upon what ever EBL's fancy might be.

      I frankly don't have the patience nor disposition to do what Lem and EBL do, but I enjoy the forums. That alone puts Lem and EBL a notch above me. Gumption counts. There are a couple others who seem to drop in a lot but with malice aforethought, one who delineates his own audience. So be it. As for anonymous posting...what is that really for? Same for sock puppets? The anonymity I have with my nick and avatar is thin at best ... e.g., search properly and you will find my real name, same if you email me, you get a response with my name and details, since my profile is an open book compared to most.

      The day comes EBL wishes me gone, all she need do is ask...no banning stick necessary, didn't even get "banned" at LGF, I just got disgusted and left....I mean karate, guns and knife threats, yada yada...around a Vietnam vet, and Charles said diddly squat?

      Given the nic you've used here, I assume you are one of the multiple anonymouses of late. Why do that? How much traffic have you placed here up to now? Just what gives you the gall to judge EBL either way?

      Maybe it's just me.

  3. Pretend it is Twitter, Ari.July 16, 2013 at 12:23 AM

    No, I am not one of the anonymouses. Your argument is daft. Perhaps Althouse was correct after all.

    Three sentences or less. You will clarify your thoughts.

  4. I allow virtually all comments (with the exception of spam and truly abusive behavior). I welcome you all. I do not care if people disagree, that is the nature of comments. Sometimes people change my mind. I like debate.

    I am absolutely am not taking Meade's money, nor is he offering.


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