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Sunday, July 7, 2013

John McCain needs to be escorted back to his assisted living facility...

John McCain wants to punish the Egyptian Military for ejecting Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood...
First the Craprehensive Immigration Bill and now this?  Really Senator McCain, you need to retire and spend your impressive thinking powers considering whether to have cobbler or peaches for desert each evening.  But you do have a few followers left...

Now I am not a big fan of military coups and thwarting the democratic process is dangerous, but a majority of Egyptians (and likely a super majority) prompted the military to act.  Remember what the military said just before the coup? Egyptian Army says it will fight to the death to protect people from any "terrorist, radical or fool..."  And look who those protestors the Egyptian Army backed also are dissatisfied with?  

I am not into throwing money away on countries like Egypt either.  But if we are going to strong arm them on aid, now is not the optimum time.  

And Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were really were bad enough to warrant being driven out of office. The Muslim Brotherhood are good at throwing teenagers off roofs.  Or sending out rape mobs.  But Obama liked them.

Legal Insurrection: Why Morsi fell...


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