Monday, July 15, 2013

Hollywood Confidential: Shirley Jones and Creepy Jack Cassidy

Hollywood really is Hollyweird...

David Cassidy's nickname was "Donk"
Jack Cassidy:  Hope I die before I grow careful what you wish for!  
David Cassidy says: Jack was a rotten, alcoholic father who cheated on David's beloved stepmother (and TV mom), Shirley Jones, dissed his son's success, smooched an appalled Jack Klugman in a crowded movie-studio elevator, and jumped Cole Porter's bones, partly to advance a career that was less than stellar. When David recalls how his dad turned down the Ted Baxter role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show — Jack's one shot at true fame — a gloating tone creeps into his voice.

Shirley Jones was into the creepy guys...
David Cassidy with step mom no.  Cassidy with Susan Dey?  Oh yeah


  1. Jack always worked, something David can't claim to have done. Granted, he never got the lead, but he was a great bad guy.

    As for Shirley and her book, she struck me as not the brightest of bulbs, so trashing her image isn't a surprise.

    1. The most honest movie bio I have ever read- Shirley is pure steel for having the bravery to write it and I was honoured to read it.I was a fan before, but now I'd go to the wall for her

  2. I agree what an idiot, anything for money and attention. One would think at 80 she would not want to leave the grand kids that sordid legacy.

  3. I used to give Shirley Jones credit for having half a brain until I learned more about what she'd been married to. *And I mean both husbands.


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