Monday, June 24, 2013

The Travesty Begins: U.S. Senate voting on the Corker Hoeven Amendment to the Craprehensive Immigration Bill Update: passes 67 for, 27 against (they really wanted 70 although a few potential yeses did not vote)

Our Senate in action, or as P.J. O'Rouke described it, a Parliament of Whores. The vote on the Corker/Hoeven (or should I say Porker/Whorin) amendment is happening now.  Here is the C-Span feed.  It will pass and by way more than it should.  It is really only about a third of Republicans (at best) who are signing on to this mess in the Senate, but we should primary each and every one of them. Our hopes now lie with the House.

As for challenging those who vote for this, that includes you Marco.

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