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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Separated at Birth: Ed Snowden and...?

Jay Carney, White House Liar and Leaker
Ed Snowden, NSA/Booz Allen Liar and Leaker and...

 Ed Snowden's Girlfriend?

Mark Steyn on Snowden
TOM:  It is like a Hollywood Script  You mean like one of those bad Democrat Liberal politically motivated movies that no one watches?  I was hoping for stripper Cirque du Soleil!
Snowden still in Hong Kong and talking to the press... 
Ace thinks Snowden is looking dodgy.  Agreed.  I think he looked dodgy from the start.


  1. I have another Snowden doppleganger, at it's BsC! Of course I link to your post here in it:

  2. they could be one in the same

  3. and all this could be a smoke screen they are only going to let us know what they want us to know


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