Sunday, June 16, 2013

Separated at Birth: The Assad Regime and...?

The Assad Regime, backed by Iran and Hezbollah...
The Syrian Sunni Rebels, aligned with Al Qaeda

Is there any way both sides can lose? I do feel bad for the Syrian civilians caught in the middle of this, but it sucks to be Syrian. This is a long term self made crisis and getting involved in a civil war is not a good idea for us. Assad's family and cronies are ruthless thugs, but the rebels are likely to be even worse. I would caution that we better stay out of this one, other than trying to mitigate any spill over to Jordan and Lebanon (Turkey and Israel can protect their own borders just fine).

If I thought the USA could competently support potential allies, I might feel different about this. But given the incompetence and cravenness of the Obama Administration in Libya, I do not see how that is possible. 

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