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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Edward Snowden leaves Hong Kong for Russia...

Snowden on the run...

The anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks said Snowden was heading for a "democratic nation" which it did not name, although a source at the Russian airline Aeroflot said he would fly on within 24 hours to Cuba and then planned to go to Venezuela. 
TOM: Snowden flees 
TOM: Ben Smith wants you to ignore this...
Legal Insurrection:  Snowden on the run (makes me think of this song jump to around 2:09).
Hey, with all this Snowden stuff, there is even a special visa waiver in the craprehensive immigration bill for Hong Kong!  It has everything!
TOM: Speaking of Kooks.
TOM: Glenn Greenwald is a ridiculous joke...
Wombat Live at Five July 2, 2013:  Snowden denied to go to Ecuador, Russia says he can only stay there if he stops hurting US, may go to Venezuela.


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