Saturday, June 29, 2013

Alec Baldwin is a douchebag [and thug] with anger management problems who has gotten away with bad behavior way too long...

Thank you Anderson Cooper.  Alec Baldwin over reacted to some idiot in England who (wrongly) accused his new wife of tweeting during James Gandolfini's funeral.  Baldwin's wife handled it with class.  Alec Baldwin, however, handled it like a thuggish Long Island frat boy with some closeted sexual issues.  Note he repeats what he did with Michelle Malkin and directs his followers to go on the attack.
Even Andrew Sullivan (screen shot for your protection) gets it (even though he engaged in abuse of others himself):

But as we all know this is not the first time Alec Baldwin has melted down.
Alec Baldwin is way more racist than Paula Deen
But given Alec Baldwin's history with the press, photographers, his racial slur outbursts, his abusive relationship with his daughter Ireland and her mother Kim Bassinger, his outburst on American Airlines, among others, why not do a big Alec Baldwin inspired Rule 5 Alec-palooza post!

Alec on the town...
Here is an elderly Alec Baldwin hunting for a good rye pumpernickel in New York
with his two lovely daughters Hilaria and Ireland (it is nice they take him out)

Home Modeling!  She does not look like a little pig?

Ireland in the Post
Alec looking all cheerful with his "Thoughtless Little Pig" Ireland

Ireland says the "pig" comment was no big deal since he has done it before.

The lovely long suffering Kim Bassinger with her
lovely daughter Ireland Baldwin

They do look alike 

Ireland being in the Post must frost Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin told the lovely Tara Palmeri he wanted to "choke her to death"

Baldwin then called photographer G.N. Miller — a decorated retired detective with the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau and a staff photographer for The Post — a “coon, a drug dealer,’’ Miller’s police statement said.

Old Man Baldwin with his daughter Hilaria
Hilaria Baldwin helps Alec Baldwin cross a busy street
Ed Morrissey at Hot Air and Nick Gillespi at Reason on Alec Baldwin's real problem...
Moe Lane's prediction of Alec Baldwin's death spiral...  Exactly right, Baldwin never has to answer for this behavior, so he continues to engage in it.

Sarah Silverman's N Word walkback (who do you think you are Quentin Tarrantino?)
Alec's Daughter Hilaria defends him
Capital One Fail
Darleen Click: It was never about homophobia?

A telling Twitter exchange:

The Blogmocracy has this.
Heartbreak: Alec Baldwin says he will never tweet again!


  1. Well done on the "Rule 5" post. All it lacked is the SoKo spoof to go with the first pic, "Arec Bawdrin Is a Twitter Twit" !

  2. Yeah, well, OF COURSE he's psychotic. He's a Hollywood actor. They're ALL psychotic, therefore they should all be completely marginal and irrelevant. Maybe the real villain you want is the lurking-in-the-shadows media execs who have decided to make all these whack-jobs way more prominent and influential than they would ever get to be in any sane society.

    1. Very Well Said. You're sooo right. For the life of me I cannot understand how the mainstream have such admiration for these scumbags. Furthermore, in the early years actors were regarded as bottom-feeders, second class citizens if you will. How did it evolve into today's views? They had it right originally....

  3. Let he and she who has not sinned throw the first egg at Alex. Fucking silly twits getting panties all twisted. It's really a PC whacky World where we can't be human anymore. A couple crass words were very fitting for the fucking paparazzi. Walk a mile in Alex's shoes and we'll see how holy thou aren't.

    1. Alec, if you are going to comment here, at lest do so openly!


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