Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You know how I know you are gay...

It has come to this.  You can't just be for gay marriage, you have to be actually gay to avoid the label of being a conservative right wing H8er. Fortunately, almost all of you are in fact gay (you just don't know it yet because it is buried under so much religious fueled H8 and repressed fabulousness).

For example:  In Bob Belvedere's case, his gayness was revealed was when he was asked to join the band, The Corridor of Corruption and was seen reading Russian novels.  It might have also been when he said he really liked the Sopranos' Johnny Cakes episode.  

In Stacy McCain's case it was when he started channeling this guy, bragging about all the butt-hurt he had, and started calling himself Stacy.  I am pretty sure Stacy was also seen drinking bottled water in Ohio.

Hey, given how conservatives will get the blame for Obama's economic failures, you might as well accept all right leaning people* who do not immediately come out are getting blamed for any harm or inequity suffered by homosexuals from the entire history of mankind.  It is just the way it is.  

* If you are a liberal or leftist, these rules do not apply.  You can be openly racist and homophobic and that is just okay, because you generally vote right [the way the lefties want you to vote] on other issues. It is like gay and raaaaacist protection contribution.  It is just business, the Gay Mafia way.

Hey in a play on Jeff Foxworthy's you might be a redneck... you might be a fanook if you get all catty and engage in stupid infighting.
Here is an example of how things get turned around...
JWF:  Chuck Todd demonstrates the liberal double standard!
The Macho Response notes Zappa would have loved the gay marriage debate.  
From the love that dare not say its name, to the movement that will not shut the heck up!  

Talking about the Gay Mafia, we cannot forget this internet classic:  My Dinner with Ovitz...

Update:  Sam Kinson on marriage...


  1. This is a pretty ballsy, in-your-face post and I applaud you, EBL.

  2. I see you've been reading my Fan Mail. I hear it all the time - "admit you're gay, and top hating us!" Or some such rubbish.

    As if.

    Then there's Stacy McCain's great line - in the future homosexuality will be compulsory with penalties for non-compliance.

  3. I realized I was a male lesbian when I saw the Cheryl Tiegs and Farah Fawcett posters in the late-70s or early-80s.


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