Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Who bugged Mitch McConnell? Update (via Legal Insurrection): Was it Progress Kentucky, a progressive liberal super PAC?

What did the president Democrats and their media pals know and when did he they know it?  
This is actually a pretty big deal.  It is not like what was said was such a big deal (really it was not).  What is brazen is the Democrats and their media allies obtaining recordings of Republicans to use against them.  Taping Mitch McConnell's campaign office is illegal.  It can only be legal if Mitch McConnell's campaign agreed to it (which it obviously did not).

So how did Mother Jones get the audio tape?
Mother Jones hypocrisy
Rush:  Dems illegally bug Mitch McConnell, then claim Ashley Judd is a victim because McConnell has the temerity to quote her.
Legal Insurrection:  Bombshell in McConnell bugging case!  Did a Kentucky Liberal PAC do the (presumably illegal) eavesdropping/bugging?
Free time or three times:  Dems try to attack McConnell over using staff for opposition research...
Breitbart:  Illegal taping done by leftist Kentucky group.
TOM:  Democrat Ethics (and Democrat stupidity about illegal taping of conversations)
Mother Jones may be criminally liable for leaking illegal tapes. David Corn may have to borrow Ashley Judd's comfort dog.
David Corn not talking.
TOM: Why are Democrats not talking and answering questions (and why is the media not calling them on it)?


  1. When Watergate happened there was outrage. When the democrats do the same thing they get a free pass.

    Eric Holder's DOJ is "investigating" which will do as much good for justice as using gasoline to extinguish a fire.


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