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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Were the Brothers Tsarnaev double agents who went rogue and turned on their handlers?

This is coming from Debka.  Is this what Glenn Beck was alluding to?  I will leave it at that for now because that is all I have.  Draw your own conclusions.

Did Dzhokhar Tsarnaev kill his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

FBI now hunting 12 man sleeper cell in connection with the Brothers Tsarnaev?  More from Instapundit. More from Breitbart.
Tamerlan Tsarnaev thrown out of his mosque for rage fueled rant against Dr. Martin Luther King Jr?
The younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was totally calm and normal acting after the bombing on Monday.
Could you imagine the outrage of the media if the FBI dropped the ball like this on GWB's watch? 
The Brothers Tsarnaev had illegal guns.
How to keep Muslim youth from becoming murderous terrorists?  
Pat Dollard on this story...
What we know and what we don't know...
TOM:  Calling BS on the "12 man sleeper cell..."
So how was this missed?
Understand here. A person somewhere in the bureaucracy, under orders from above (probably lawyer to lawyer- they are the bane of our society) redefined the official understanding of what terrorism is.
How does that affect the guy who is assigned to investigate the Tsarnaev brothers? He can be the best agent on the planet. He could make Jack Bauer look like a high school social studies teacher. He could eat hand grenades and chew nails. But once inside the system he is neutered. He could look at the Tsarnaev brother see bomber all over him and still would be thwarted BY POLICY to say so in a report. Worse, his boss will remind him he can’t do that….now. In 2005 yes, in 2011 no. It is really that simple. So all the agents, and their supervisors, will all sign off- under the new understanding and definition of terrorism (CAIR /Liberal/Obama/egghead Harvard State Department staff’s version of the new reality)- that the two brothers and now apparently the twelve man cell they operated within aren’t terrorists.
Until of course, they blow the shit out of something.
The New Feminism:  Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be converts...
Compare and Contrast...
Why did the Brothers Tsarnaev do it?  Bush made them do it!  No wonder they voted Democrat and for Obama!
Now they are blaming boxing?
Who is Misha? 

I am generally not big on conspiracy theories.  Obviously take Debka with a very big grain of salt (like Dead Sea big):

In response to AG Conservative and BobB, I would say very true, but I never would have thought Fast & Furious or Benghazi were possible either.  And we had had operatives turn on us in the war on terror. And there is something very strange with the United States government getting a tip off from (presumably) the Russians and the FBI clearing Tamerlan (given his radical jihad website and trips to Chechnya).

Obviously this double agent theory involving Brothers Tsarnaev is (at this point) nothing more than a theory/rumor.


  1. Russian warning or no, it goes without saying that you don't accept Chechen "refugees" (or whatever they claim to be) unless you want another Beslan or its equivalent.

    Somebody DID want it, and we got it, and every time that happens, there's an excuse for cracking down further on what is left of your liberties.

    This got the inhabitants of Boston to accept the idea of a complete lockdown. In the days of our Founders, everybody would have been out in the streets with their weapons looking for this evildoer.

    1. When you combine it with a Russian warning, something very wrong happened. The one way to describe it is "Heck of a job Eric Holder..."

  2. AUDIO: Linda a Witness, calls in Radio Show and describes what she & her boyfriend saw in front of boyfriend's home; Police Ram Suspect#1 Vehicle and open gunfire on him without his return fire, Linda believes he is mortally wounded as in DOA-impossible to be alive from multiple gunshots; Ambulance pulls up and transports Suspect. http://audio.weei.com/a/73784687/linda-calls-in-to-describe-the-scene-on-dexter-st-in-watertown.htm


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