Monday, March 11, 2013

Sophie Dahl: Sea Trout, Oysters, Rule 5

There is something about food and Rule 5 that seems to go together.  So after Nigella Lawson Rule 5 the other day, it is good to mix it up with some recipes and pictures from the lovely Sophie Dahl.

Update:  Not entirely on topic (although Sophie Dahl does get a lot of tabloid coverage) but Boobs banned in Britain (I did not include any boob shots of Ms. Dahl, but she is fine with nudity in some of her shoots)   The Other McCain is on the Left's war on Page 3 in the UK.

That is Sophie in the pasta.


  1. Pasta! It's what's for dinner!

    1. Or as they say, if pasta is bad for you, why be good?

  2. You don't need oysters to get a reaction to Sophie.


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