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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Al Gore is just like his Dad...

With all the controversy of Mr. Anti Carbon Al Gore selling his losing Current cable channel to Qatar oil sheiks and Al Jazeera, let's remember Al's old man, Al Gore, Sr., and his ties to Armand Hammer/Occidental Petroleum and the Soviets.  Armand Hammer used to say he had Al Gore, Sr. in his back pocket and guess what Al Gore. Jr.'s middle name is?*  Which is especially disturbing since Armand Hammer was named based on the Soviet/Marxist symbol (no it is not from the baking soda).  When you think of it in that context, it all makes sense.  When it comes to the Gore Family, selling out to America's enemies makes good business sense.

To Comrade Armand Hammer*
from Vladimir Lenin 1921
Armand Hammer:  Friend of Lenin
and the Gores
Al Gore initially rejected his father's brand of politics, but in the end has embraced it.  Al Gore, just like his old man.  The United States certainly dodged a bullet in 2000.  

*The baking powder was not named after Armand Hammer, just Al Gore's middle name.  

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