Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Women of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has more Rule 5 possibilities than The Hobbit.  Zombie attacks combined with generally poor hygiene tend to be a distraction from romance--although a few of the characters do managed to get some (maybe they should all drink more Zombies).  The Walking Dead has been accused of raaaaacism and patriarchy (although the show is pretty racially mixed and has some strong women roles compared to The New Republic).  With The Walking Dead now returning to AMC for the second part of Season 3, here is the Rule 5 selection:  

Let's start with the Living...
Weakness:  Bad judgment in picking guys... 
Update:  Andrea exit interview...

Laurie Holden

Maggie Greene
Lauren Cohan:  Rule 5 Heartbreaker!  

Maggie Greene:  Brutally Honest


Michonne Comic Wiki


Danai Gurira

Carol Peletier

Melissa McBride

Beth Greene

Emily Kinney

And here are the Dead...
Lori Grimes

The Zombie Apocalypse is tough on clothes!  

Sarah Wayne Callies


Emma Bell

Amy Wiki and Amy Gallery 

Rick Grimes (actually Andrew Lincoln)  posing with "Bike Girl"  (actually Melissa Cowan)

Here is a collection of mostly nameless zombie women...

Nice day for a White Wedding...

Amanda Marcotte?


  1. I will take Michonne ove Andrea any day.

    1. Michonne is better in a fight and has better judgment.


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