Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Agony and the Ecstasy Trailer


  1. Charlton Heston is an interesting choice to play that role - Michaelangelo was 5 feet tall and weighed 100 pounds. His nose was very badly broken. He was gay. But other than that, you did good, Hollywood. ;^)

    1. Casting a small guy to stand up to Julius would have made a better movie.
      I know the old joke that if Michaelangelo was straight he would have painted the Sistine Chapel with a roller. But Michaelangelo lived monk life and generally had few friends. He was probably homosexual (I am going on those poems and rumors), but he may never have acted on it.

  2. None of that matters to me - he was a creative genius, regardless, but I had to laugh at that movie - Charlton was making out with some actress - what? I have never read anything by Irving Stone, so I have no idea if that was his idea or the studio's, but it was kind of odd, based on what little I know of Michaelangelo's personal life.

    There is a portrait bust of Michealangelo that you can see when you are walking down the staircase on the outside of the dome at St. Peter's. His broken nose looks painful, that's for sure. Had to have been one heck of an accident, just sayin'.

    Anyway, I showed up in Rome thinking, having been taught, I guess, that Da Vinci was the greater artist and more accomplished human being. After looking at their works in Rome and Florence, especially the amount of architecture that Michaelangelo produced, I changed my mind and now would argue that of the two, Michaelangelo was the best.

    Not that my opinion matters, mind you, just relating my experience upon seeing their work up close and personal.

  3. I agree (not to begrudge Da Vinci, but Michaelangelo out did the older man). I am amazed by the pieta in St. Peters (done before Michaelangelo was thirty) compared to the pieta he was working on when he died. The later more like a 20th century sculpture, but still as impressive and moving in its own way as the earlier more finished work. The genius of the artist is self evident in both works.

  4. He was gifted beyond all measure. The Sistine Chapel, David, the captive slaves, the architecture, his other paintings, the tomb sculptures, and on and on. Paintings like The Holy Family with the infant St. John the Baptist (Doni Tondo) make me wish I could see color.

    And no disrespect to Da Vinci - he was a very good sculptor, too. Sadly, most of his works are lost now, but he was innovative in his selection of materials and sometimes the old ways are the best. Mix in some bronze, Leo!


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