Friday, February 22, 2013

Kurt Eichenwald cares deeply about gay kids with bad haircuts

Kurt Eichenwald:  He Cares  
Update:  Journalistic ethics won't stop him!  
I am sorry some confused kid with bad hair feels compelled to reveal himself on YouTube.  As therapy strategies go, it is not the one I would recommend to a kid in this situation (although it probably beats engaging in high risk sexual practices, getting blind drunk, or doing bong hits until you suffer oxygen deprivation).  But Kurt Eichenwald wants to show how superior he is, or maybe just has empathy to the kid in question given his own follicle challenge.  I am not sure.

I suggested he go help the fat closeted kid with bad hair in the basement of Vanity Fair.  Now that would be a challenge!

Update:  It’s For the Children™ — won’t someone think of the children?   Kurt Eichenwald, more victims for you to assist!  

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