Monday, February 4, 2013

Karl Rove and his latest efforts to destroy the conservative movement...

The Architect
Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom reports the lastest from the mind of Karl Rove.  I am starting to believe the the far Left created Karl Rove in a lab, like they did with AIDS in the seventies.

Mark Levin and Right Scoop
Maybe Karl wants to be kept...
Instapundit:  Karl Rove is no conservative...
TOM reporting on Karl Rove on Hannity:  I really like tea, really I do...
How to beat Karl Rove at his own game...
S.E. Cupp:  No thank you, Karl Rove


  1. I will never forget back when Christine O'Donnell was running for the senate. You would have thought Rove was a democrat the way he would personally attack her. Made me wonder who's side was he on. Its funny how when its a republican, any little charactor flaw or any stance that in not conventioal, they get crucified by the media, but dems are ALL crazy and nothing is made of it. Rove is a Hermaphroditic worm.

    1. If he was a hermaphrodite worm you would think he would screw himself, but he keeps trying to screw us all.


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