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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Judge James D. Humphrey*: If you mock me I will send you to jail

Daniel Brewington is serving a two year felony conviction for mocking his divorce judge on his blog.  Yes, jailed for blogging.

Patriots and freedom supporters are petitioning for the case to be taken up by the Indiana Supreme Court.  Here is the amicus brief filed on Brewington's behalf by Eugene Volokh.  The Court of Appeals disagreed, upholding the conviction.  More here.  When almost anything can be called a felony, no one is safe.

Update:  Conservatives, Liberals and Media groups rally for releasing Brewington.

Judge James D. Humphrey--Don't you dare mock me!*  

Judge D. Humphrey*:  I may release this trout unharmed, but if you mock me I will gut you. 

Brewington fought the law and the law won...
Here are a few appropriate video selections

* This is a first amendment protected speech.   Please don't come and arrest me Judge Humphrey.

h/t:  Hot Air

Is there something in the water in Indiana affecting judges there?
Out of control judges...(who will watch the Watchmen?)


  1. I was before a divorce judge who deserved mocking, but he went to jail for urinating in public and exposing himself. My help was not required to send where he needed to be.

    My final judge was a decent woman. She saw the truth and set me free. Oh yeah.

    But the clown in question here needs to be re-educated. And that's all I am going to say about that.

  2. I find it hard to believe that a man could be jailed on a felony JUST for mocking a judge on a blog. Is that really the reason he is jailed and not another thing he may have done? I find it hard to believe that a judge is that important to be beyond mocking and a felony?

    1. The links are there. Read Volokh's amicus brief and the opinion of the Indiana Court of Appeals. The court relied on some statute about public officials being threatened. But Brewington (obviously pissed off about his divorce) did not physically threaten the judge, he mocked him (repeatedly on line). The judge said that made him feel threatened and that was the basis of the felony.

    2. Watch the movie divorce corp. i feel sorry for the people telling their story but i can sorta believe that that peticular court is crooked.

  3. My question is why did Brewington allow himself to be photographed and fingerprinted. The arrest was not legitimate, therefore he had no obligation to allow himself to be booked.

    1. I don't know. But I know this, such an argument has about 0% chance of working if it is just you arguing that to an arresting cop (you might have a remote chance with a lawyer). And if you resist arrest, guess what happens then?


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