Thursday, February 14, 2013

Democrat Steve Cohen: Valentine's Day Playah... Update: Victoria Brink is actually Congressman Steve Cohen's daughter?

A bit creepy if he is schtupping a friend's much younger daughter, but hey at least Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen is not paying for it (or worse having donors pay for it) like Democrat Senator Menendez.  And unlike fellow Twitter Democrat playah, Anthony Weiner, he is not married.
Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen, Playah
Steve is a lot older now than that photo above, but he can still apparently get the babes, even if it distracted him during Barack Obama's State of the Union Speech.  But who can blame him tweeting Ms. Brink (other than her dad and probably Obama who is miffed he was not paid attention to)?  Which lends itself to a Democrat Valentine's Day Rule 5 post.

Update:  Eeeewww.  Victoria Brink is Congressman Steve Cohens' previously unknown daughter?
More here at Twitchy.  
Update II:  Pete Domenici, Republican Sex Machine...

Update:  "Hi Daddy! " 

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