Thursday, February 21, 2013

An Academy Award Members' honest assessment of this year's Oscar picks...

The Oscar
DrewM. at Ace of Spades gets the hat tip for finding this.

I liked the assessment very much and I agree with most of it (I did see Paperman when I went to see Wreck It Ralph, and I am glad he picked it for animated short).  I would have picked The Pirates over Wreck It Ralph, but I am am partial to ham.

I liked The Master very much and thought Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman did a great job.  Daniel Day Lewis absolutely deserves best actor for Lincoln (and I would be fine if Hoffman got best supporting for The Master).

I did not consider the commentary brutal at all (although it is honest), even if I liked Les Misérables and Argo better than he did.  Beasts of the Southern Wild sucked and it is nuts to pretend otherwise.  Zero Dark Thirty would be my pick for best picture (although I suspect Lincoln will win).    I liked Django Unchained, but it is basically a rehashing of Tarantino's previous work and it does not deserve best picture.

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