Saturday, January 5, 2013

Valérie Allain Rule 5

French In Action with the lovely Valérie Allain.  Stacy McCain at The Other McCain comments on Ace's of Ace of Spades HQ recent New Year's resolution.  Which of course warrants a Rule 5 post (and given Ms. Allain's continental attitude regarding clothing, a warning this is definitely NSFW):  


  1. I would like to thank Valerie Allain (aka Mireille) for being on French In Action and for helping me learn French.Merci bien.
    Gianni Truvianni

    1. Vous devriez le dire en français, s'il vous plaît.

  2. Ouiche, elle m'a aide a apprendre le français, en particuliere quand j'essaiyais de regarder autre chose en ecoutant le truc. Quelle jolie distraction. Definitivement regle 5.


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