Friday, January 11, 2013

The left pundit class can go *#$% themselves over these trillion dollar coins.

Paul Krugman, Needs some dinner budge control...
  Update:  Introducing: ‘The Krugmanerrand’

Jonathan Chait, Love New Deal--Hates Bush

I joked that the appropriate design for these trillion dollar coins was Alfred E. Newman's mug with his slogan:  "What Me Worry?"  Well Paul Krugman at the New York Times and Jonathan Chait at New York Magazine stole my suggestion.  No biggie there (it is not like I thought up Alfred E. Newman, I just grew up reading Mad as a kid).  But those SOBs and liars are now suggesting John Boehner or George W. Bush's face should grace these coins...

WTF!  How about blaming the current President, Barack Obama, who is promoting this Weimar-esque scheme?  Krugman and Chait chide GWB over spending (fair enough, my biggest criticism of Dubya's domestic policy was over spending) but how about acknowledging Barack Obama and the Democrats over spending is even worse?  Do you think world wide confidence in the dollar might slip a bit if the Treasury and U.S. Government adopts such a scheme?

Althouse and Instapundit have a modest proposal to stimulate the economy!
Ace of Spades and Instapundit and the Enron example...
Update (via Hot Air):
The origins of the trillion dollar coin...

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