Friday, January 4, 2013

So what will these new trillion dollar coins look like?

There is some suggestion that the U.S. Government could issue platinum trillion dollar coins to cover the debt.  It would probably be a fiction since a trillion dollars worth of platinum would weigh  40,207,619 pounds or 20,135 tons (at $1552 an ounce).  My math may be off a bit (I may have missed a zero and I did not convert to Troy ounces).  But let's just agree it would weight a lot.  I am positive the U.S. Government does not have even close that much platinum anyway (probably all the gold in Fort Knox is not close to that value). 

And the left is blaming Boehner and GWB for this?  WTF?  How about blaming Barack Obama who is friggin proposing this Weimar-esque scheme?  

Anyway, here is my suggestion for the design of such a coin: 

Instapundit has this suggestion...

And platinum is heavy.  About twice as heavy as gold.  Here is what a kilo (2.2 lbs) of platinum looks like:
A little bigger than actual scale

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