Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Separated at Birth: Marco Rubio and...?

I thought this was supposed to be a good plan?
Oh yeah, it's a good plan, 
you can trust me...

This is just depressing.  Not that the status quo is so great.  It is killing the GOP, along with a lame half hearted effort support at immigration enforcement that only further alienates the party and is worse than no enforcement at all.  But they came up with this?  No wonder the Democrats are so thrilled.

I am very much pro immigration.  What we should be doing as a nation is recruiting the best and brightest from around the world to move here--not encouraging more people who will go immediately to taxing our schools, emergency rooms, and insurance industry (in the form of uninsured drivers), and voting Democrat to get more government benefits.

TOM is right, this is just depressing!  The same sex issues does not depress me as much (hey even the Boy Scouts are in the same pickle at the GOP).  In actual numbers, this is a tiny percentage of immigration anyway.  The over all issue (immigration as a whole) is way bigger than that.
Legal Immigrants are not amused...
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  1. Any "plan" that gives 11 million people citizenship is a power grab. Citizenship is earned, not just handed over because an individual entered the country illegally. Had children who automatically became citizens by birth. That also needs to be addressed as the original intent is being used out of its context. Living in a state where the illegal entry traffic is destroying the desert, and has an area that is designated as no entry to Americans because of the presence of armed and dangerous individuals is outrageous. Arizona has become the channel for illegal entry traffic. The Texas and California borders were strengthened. Arizona is wide open to traffic. As an American, I am unable to give any faith to federal government who ignores me and caters to illegal immigrants to get a voting base to stay in power. I am not against immigrants. My family is the product of them. I ask for reasonable retention of basic tenants that protect me. Unfortunately, that is not the status quo.

    1. What you describe above is (for the most part) the current stautus quo. And you are right, it is outrageous.


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