Thursday, January 3, 2013

Separated at Birth: Forrest Gump and...?

Forrest Gump and...

Al "ManBearPig" Gore
(but without the charm or innocence...)

Forrest Gump:  Grows up middle class but cash poor in the South, falls in love with a damaged blond girl, goes off to Vietnam, makes friends and learns about shrimp from Bubba, saves his platoon and Major Dan but Bubba dies, gets the Congressional Medal of Honor, becomes a ping pong champ, goes into the shrimping business and makes some serious cash due to a hurricane, saves Major Dan again, gets really rich on Apple stock, is peripherally involved in almost all major events of the sixties and seventies, finds out he had a son with that damaged girl, marries that damaged girl, she dies of AIDS.

Al Gore:  A son of the south who is raised Eloise style in a fancy hotel in the District of Columbia by his mostly absent Senator father, goes off to Vietnam in a cushy Saigon based media position his Senator daddy set up for him, inherits a sizable oil fortune, marries a blond girl, becomes a Senator and then a Vice President under President Bubba, loses the presidency in a squeaker election, reinvents himself, becomes ManBearPig, gets funded millions by Silicon Valley rich liberals, wins an Oscar and Nobel Peace Prize, lives a lavish jet set lifestyle fueled and financed literally by oil and then bloviates about us voluntarily giving up fossil fuels, has an incident involving hotel services in Portland, Oregondivorces that blond girl, manages to sell a failing no viewer cable station to rich Qatar oil sheikhs so they can create Al-Jazeera America and personally pockets $100 million, tries to time cable sale to avoid higher taxes on the rich promoted by Democrats.

TOM/Allahpundit:  Democrat Al Gore Tries To Avoid Paying His Fair Share! 
Michelle Malkin:  Global warming makes Al Gore sell Current TV to Al Jazeera!  
Pat Dollard:  Here is the memo that Al Gore sent out to Current TV employees on the sale...
All American Blogger:  Gore wants to pay less in taxes!
Twitchy:  Jennifer Granholm leaving Current/Al Jazerra TV

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