Saturday, January 12, 2013

NFC Division 2013: Greenbay Packers at San Francisco 49ers

There can only be one...
Wow.  This is starting out to be a lot like the Denver Baltimore game.  Current score SF 21 GB 14 in 2nd with 3:51 left.  Whoa nelly, I posted too soon, Aaron Rogers just tied the game.  2:33 left in the first half.
Tied up again in the third quarter, 24/24, with competing field goals. About 8:30 to go in the 3rd.
SF just ran it in for a TD with 7:00 left in the 3rd.  31 SF, 24 GB.
SF now up 14. Aaron Rogers has to turn this around.  SF 38, GB 24 with 14:57 left in the 4th.
Looks like SF just scored again with approx. 3 minutes or so left.  Over if it stands.  It stands.  45 SF, GB 24.  Time for a cocktail.

Quick take by Cheesehead TV...
Packer's defense struggles to explain loss to 49ers...

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  1. Should be one heck of a game. My only advice for the Niners is in the immortal words of Han Solo: "Don't get cocky!"


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