Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mayor Michael "Nanny" Bloomberg: Making David Dinkins' failed administration seem like a huge success in comparison...

Divine Right of Douchebags
As if banning large sodas was not enough, Mayor Michael "Nanny" Bloomberg now decides that New York City hospitals are too generous with pain killers?

Bloomberg to his critics:  "So you'll suffer a bit..."

You wonder what prompted such an insane and over reaching decision by Mayor Nanny Bloomberg.  Does the City of New York really have to micro manage its citizen's lives?  New York City hospitals are run by professionals.  Bellevue's emergency department, for example, is a model for the nation and has a world wide reputation for excellence.  Because of the reputation of the department and the experience that young interns and residents get in that program, it draws the best and the brightest from medical schools.  The doctors and nurses working there are professionals.  They do not just give out pain killers with out good cause.

There are a lot of pain killers traded illicitly, and accidental addiction is a problem, but the amount coming from city hospitals to patients is probably miniscule.  What prompted Bloomberg, who is not a doctor, to suddenly decide to micro manage medical decisions? 

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