Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hot new faux controversy destined to drive sales of raaaaacist action figures...Update: Dolls off the market, value can only go up!

The latest faux raaaaacism folly, this being over pricey action figures marketed to collectors rather than children:
Zilla, The Other McCain, and Instapundit are examples...
I liked Django Unchained, but this film is not for everyone one.  The gun fight scenes in Django make Sam Peckinpah films, in comparison, look like episodes of the Wiggles.

Now do you really need a Django Unchained action figure?  Probably not.  But if you are in the market for potentially collectible film memorabilia toys, here is your chance before they sell out (so to speak, we would not want to accuse principled liberals like the Weinsteins--who produced the film--of selling out by promoting an uber violent gun flick and then marketing toy action figures from it).   Actually you can still get some individual figures for 29.99 each (while they last).  Just make sure to link via your favorite conservative or libertarian blogger's Amazon affiliate site first before you do so...

And in case you really do not want to throw your money at Quentin Tarantino and the Weinsteins, you can buy plenty of other things via Amazon and help a blogger out in the process.

I am sure Race Detective® and raaaaacist shill Charles "Chunky Boo Boo" Johnson bought several cases of these figures.  What he does with them in the privacy of his Little Green lair is something I would rather not think about.  I would recommend you don't buy Amazon products through his blog.  But of course this is still a free country, even with all the efforts to erode that freedom, and you are free to do as you wish.

Washington Redskin's coach compared to slave owner in Django Unchained!
Now this is BSC:  Samuel L. Jackson's character "Stephen" is Clarence Thomas?  The left have lost their friggin minds.
Stephen = Clarence Thomas?  

This is an interesting take on Django...
This is correct too:  Since Tarantino's frame of reference for just about everything is cinema, Django Unchained is not about slavery or racism, but about slavery and racism in movies...   
Dolls now off the market, the value of those that sold can only go up, up, up!

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