Tuesday, January 8, 2013

An Ace of Spades HQ Inspired Separated at Birth! Piers Morgan and...?

Pompous British Retard Piers "Stefan O'Meara" Morgan
Shamelessly exploits tragedy for his own benefit.

Pompous Puerto Rican Retard Geraldo "Jerry Rivers" Rivera
Rivera's legendary and epic Al Capone vault event!  

They have so much in common, I am surprised I did not think this up myself--but hey, Ace is all over it.  Both Morgan and Rivera have an island connection, both changed their names, both are shameless publicity whores, both Rivera and Morgan are uber-douche bags, both are stupid but like to consider themselves smart (just don't call them stupid).  We could go on and on!

The bubble of ignorance of the elites...
Piers Morgan pawned by Ben Shapiro...facts and logical always help your argument.  Shapiro had them, Morgan was just posturing.  

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