Friday, December 21, 2012

This is what you want for Christmas!

Sorry Orange Dude:  It is time to go... 
The plan to oust Boehner...
More from Daily Caller...
Boehner is in over his head...


  1. If Ryan takes over, I'm deserting the republican party and becoming independent I'm a conservative, but even I couldn't stomach some of the plans that man has in mind for the middle class and poor. Thought it was bad enough when he and Romney were mocking the 47 percent as basically worthless nothings, but giving a man who spent tax payers money on a strip club (google it, its why his actress/wife left him) and is willing to limit the publics ability to seek medical help by forcing them to accept vouchers (which is no different than forcing someone to get health insurance, which states can opt out of) does not deserve more power. I know the party is grooming him for 2016 and beyond and see him as the next evolution in the party, but that evolutionary path (not the Darwinism kind as I reject that theory) is one that will split/divide the party more than it already is. We need another regan or someone more moderate to capture the independents vote. God help us if Ryan is ever elected president.

    1. You are not a conservative. You are a moby. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, but I don't even have to bother saying that because you are already a liberal democrat. What you are saying above is not true.

      Romney's best decision was picking Ryan for Veep.

    2. If Ryan takes over, I'm deserting the republican party and becoming independent...

      Go. You will not be missed. Swim to the nearest Democrat lifeboat. When the Democrat Party sank beneath me, I finally learned to swim independently.

      Also, what EBL said.

    3. If you think Boehner is more conservative than Ryan, you've got problems.

    4. Don't have much room in that life boat, charlie crist is using it for a stage and it's liable to capsize at any time, but heyb I'm sure if they blow up enough condoms you can use them as life preservers til they get a big one to you.(lifeboat not condom) They've got to be standard fare in every dem emergency kit.
      Meantime I'm with EBL and chickelit.

  2. Sorry for the typo, I've missed the comma and got b after my hey.


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